Useful Resources For Tennis Parents

Useful Resources For Tennis Parents

Q&AI am a Mom of a ten year old tennis player. He just started playing this past year and is doing well. Fortunately, we have a very nice tennis facility where we are members nearby.

My entire family plays tennis, but my son and I make it a priority. I would like your suggestion for videos or books that would be beneficial for his game. He is a natural athlete and does well at most sports that require upper body strength including, golf, baseball, basketball, racketball, etc.

He is playing tennis three hours a day in a program. He does well working with pros, but does not like any criticism from his father or myself and we try to be positive. I liked the information on your site, especially the text on mental state of mind.

Thanks for your time.

Hi and thanks for the message!

I am not sure if you are asking me for books and videos that your son will read and watch or books and videos for tennis parents that will help you guide him with more understanding of the tennis game…

For him; have him watch slow motion videos if you can. You can find many on, or search on Youtube.

That way he will learn subconsciously the correct technique and movement.

The only book that I know that could be suitable for 10 year old kids is my Mental Manual ebook. Please don’t think this as bragging but I haven’t come across books written for kids.

All the books are written for coaches, tennis parents and adult player but none for kids.

I wrote the Manual for kids so that they can help themselves in critical situations. It’s also useful for tennis parents when they go to a tournament with their kid and without the coach.

That way a parent has some good, proven tips that they can give to their kid.

The tips are just a few lines short and you can also download free preview. Just follow the above link.

And please don’t buy if you won’t use it. It only works if it is used often. 😉

And for tennis parents; again, I suggest for great instruction materials, maybe Tennis Server for good tips and try a search on google for junior tennis, or tennis for kids and so on.

The books that I read and recommend are:

Raising Big Smiling Tennis Kids: A Complete Roadmap for Every Parent and Coach


Positive Pushing: How to Raise a Successful and Happy Child.

Here are some more resources for you: (they open in a new window)

The role of parents in junior tennis

Being a better tennis parent

British tennis parents

All the best in your tennis adventure!

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Tennis Mom Says:
June 14th, 2007 at 11:20 am
Thanks so much for the great tips and useful information regarding my son. I have already ordered a few books and printed tons of info from your site. I wish everyone was as quick with a response. I will keep in touch with my son’s progress. Remember it take three cons to be a pro:


You must have all three to succeed!

Tennis Mom of Two