Can You Guarantee A Win?

Can You Guarantee A Win?

In order to keep my current rating I need to beat three people with same or higher rating.

So far in the season I have only managed to beat lower rated players and I have lost twice in three set marathons to people with the same rating as me.

The season is not over until September and I am determined to keep my rating.

Any psychological advice on how I would go about achieving this?

Your determination is of course needed but you cannot control the outcome. You are already setting your self for a lot of pressure in those matches.

You say: “I need to beat three people…”.

NO way you can guarantee that. This is sport. It’s not predictable. 😉

People are losing millions of dollars every day on sports betting.

They are trying to predict that a higher ranked team / player will win against a lower ranked.

Thousands of times PER DAY (in different sports) that is not true. 😉 You only have good probability.

Beating players is not your responsibility since you cannot control that.

Playing tactically correct tennis and giving 100% is your responsibility since you CAN control that.

And this will raise the probability of you winning the match but it will NEVER guarantee it.

As long as you don’t clearly understand what you can control and what you cannot control, you will feel a lot of pressure in the match and will consequently play worse than you are capable.

Also be careful about “proving” that you are better than #2.

You “proved” it this match, but never in the history of tennis did a player ranked #1 in the world had 0 defeats against #2 player in the world.

Actually, right now #2 Nadal even has a 8:5 head to head against #1 Federer!

Again, you cannot control the outcome.

If you ARE the better player, you will win MORE matches but very unlikely that all of them.