Do Women Worry More Than Men About Future Tennis Matches

Do Women Worry More Than Men About Future Tennis Matches?
This is related to the previous article about losing to players you have never played before. The main reason is that you may worry and not believe in yourself when you play an unknown opponent.

I came across an interesting article which may give you even more information about worrying and the difference between men and women.

Why Women Worry So Much explains that women are more likely than men to believe that past experiences accurately forecast the future.

The main reason why our mind wants to predict the future is survival. It has been hardwired for millions of years to learn from dangerous situations and adapt.

What you need to do as a tennis player is to IGNORE the predictions.

What also helps is to think about your prediction after your matches and see whether it was TRUE.

Once you realize that it’s not 100% true, you can stop trusting it.

How many times does someone need to lie to you before you lose trust?

I don’t know about you but I need that only once to happen.

After that I don’t believe much what that person has to say.

Once I saw that my mind predicted something which DIDN’T happen (and I relied on my prediction to play differently) I LOST ALL MY TRUST in the predictions of my mind.

Yes, my predictions which also include worrying.

This resulted in much less thinking, less worrying and better concentration of what is happening NOW.

And the consequence of all that was better play and higher probability of winning. It’s the worrying that increases the chances of the event you actually don’t want to happen.

Once you stop thinking / worrying about it, you increase the chances of a positive outcome.

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