How To Always Bring A Steady Game To My Matches?

How To Always Bring A Steady Game To My Matches?

I play tournaments every week but i can’t seem to bring my game together on match day.

At training i play great but in matches i only play a good point once every two games.

One day i beat the number 4 seed the next day i lose to a hacker. How can i always bring my steady and aggressive game to my matches?


First, you can’t always bring your steady game. Top players don’t win all the time.

We are humans and not robots – we have good days and bad days.

The more you accept bad days as something normal, the sooner they will disappear and the less they will appear.

What you resist, persists.

Check the playing activity of some top players from WTA and see how sometimes they win a tournament and sometimes they lose early.

Here’s the playing activity of Svetlana Kuznetsova (follow the link). See how she plays well some tournaments and how she loses in the first or second round sometimes. And she’s #3 in the world.

If she cannot play well every day (and that goes for all players), then neither can you. Be realistic in your expectations and you’ll feel a lot less pressure.

Second, you may be tense because your focus is on what you don’t want to happen (lose) instead of what you do want to happen. (win)

If you think about winning and how good it feels, you’ll feel energized and positive – and you can play better in that state.

If you think about losing and how bad you’ll feel, you’ll feel tense and negative. Your energy levels will drop and “worry” will start running in your mind disrupting your concentration – and you play poor in that state.

Therefore, always focus on what you want and don’t focus on what you don’t want.

You can CHOOSE your thoughts. If negative thoughts appear, replace them with positive. It’s a constant battle within your mind.

Start winning it by choosing what you will think that will allow you to play well.

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One Response to “How To Always Bring A Steady Game To My Matches?”
AtaStrumf Says:
November 7th, 2009 at 5:16 pm
Agree, think happy thoughts 😉 and don’t forget to enjoy the game.

I always like to think I’m better then the other guy, no matter what. It gives me the confidence to play my best (i.e. there’s no way I’m loosing to this guy).

I see so many people crumble under pressure (botched second serve on break point is such a typical one) and I follow my opponent’s mental state and that takes my mind of mine and it makes me feel in control as I can predict when they will play well and when they will play more cautiously. That helps me pace my game.

Remember if you’re winning it’s time to go even faster and crush your opponent, but so many people become complacent and loose the momentum. Think of it like a short ball, you have to kill it, you’re not gonna stand at the baseline and wait for it to bounce twice now are you. And also remember in tennis, if you’re not winning you’re loosing, even if you’re ahead. You still have to reach the finish line before the other guy. You really shouldn’t be standing around waiting for him to catch up with you.