Why Did Djokovic Stop Fighting?

Why Did Djokovic Stop Fighting?

Novak Djokovic lost his second Round Robin match to Robin Soderling 6-7, 1-6.

Novak was very frustrated and angry because Robin played fantastic tennis – hitting the lines with his groundstrokes and sending serves with over 200 km /h with regularity.

The thinking that went through Novak’s mind was something like this:

“Why does he have to be so lucky exactly today against me? I play well but every risk he takes goes in.

I work so hard to get to 15:40 and get two break points and then he blasts 4 first serves with 220 Km /h and it’s a game.

It’s not fair. This isn’t tennis.

And when I try a clean winner, I miss by an inch. So why should I fight, it’s not worth it.”

Thoughts along these lines were probably going through Djokovic’s mind and there is certain truth about them.

So let’s say that Novak is right, can see the future (of course he cannot and in reality, everything is possible!) and knows that no matter what he does, Soderling will win.

Should he still fight? And why?

Why do you still fight if you know that you’ll lose?

And why do you stop fighting (if you do) if you know that you’ll lose?

Also: Notice in the video above how Novak waves away to his camp at the end of tie-break as if saying “don’t bother” or “I won’t listen to you – because I just played to the forehand of Soderling like you told me to and look what happened.”

That’s my best guess of what happened today. Your thoughts?

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3 Responses to “Why Did Djokovic Stop Fighting?”
mk Says:
November 26th, 2009 at 11:22 am
My view is that Nole didn’t stop fighting, he just lost the match.

I think the only time you really stop fighting in tennis is when you retire from the match. So even if you were losing, but played until the end of the match you didn’t stop fighting. You just didn’t manage to win the way you were playing, thinking (maybe anticipating final loss) and feeling during the match. You were using the wrong or empty “weapons”.

Among other things, tennis game teaches you that hope dies last and that “anything” is possible until the end of the match, so you can not completely predict the future (winner). So even if you think you will lose, you have to play (or at least comply with the scoring rules) until the end of the match to be 100% sure 🙂 .


Tomaz Reply:
November 26th, 2009 at 12:33 pm

Good points, thanks for sharing, mk!


Arturo Hernandez Says:
December 1st, 2009 at 11:32 am
Actually, I have seen this in Nole before. It is something I don’t see in Nadal. Nadal will find a way to make it close even if he loses. You can see him pump his fists even when he is down 5-2. Federer also uses a very different philosophy (at least from what I read on the web). He seems to just hang around and see if something might happen. It can cost him a match at times but at the grand slams he has often come out on top by just hanging around and keeping it close. Nole seems to lose his will to fight when things don’t go his way. I think he is supremely talented and could easily win another grand slam. He just needs to persevere a little more and see what happens. Had Nole just hung around some more and waited for Soderling’s level to drop, it might have been closer. it also seesm that Soderling seems to be painting the lines a lot these days. I wonder whether he will keep it up or will drop back down to where he was before.